Step 2

Wait for account information to be sent to you via text message or e-mail. After you have obtained your account to play Golden Dragon, you will then proceed to the next step to tap on the type of device you have. That will then take you to the game platform where you will enter your account information.

Step 3

Tap on your device (Apple or Android) below to enter your account information in the game. Please follow the game's instructions.


A Revival of the Chinese gambling game - Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is a fast-paced shooting experience set in an underwater realm teeming with mythical creatures.
As a skilled marksman, players embark on an epic quest to hunt down the elusive Golden Dragon Fish and other exotic marine creatures.
Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons and equipped with special abilities, players must navigate through treacherous waters, dodge enemy attacks, and unleash a barrage of bullets to defeat their adversaries.

Intriguing New Graphics

With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, players can challenge themselves in solo missions or compete against friends in thrilling multiplayer battles. Prepare to dive into a world of adrenaline-pumping action and become the ultimate champion of the deep seas!


Experience the excitement

Experience the excitement of angling in Golden Dragons, where players venture into a vibrant underwater realm teeming with exotic marine life. As you cast your line and reel in the catch of the day, you'll encounter a multitude of fish species, each offering different levels of difficulty and rewards.


Use CashApp to load money

Press continue to proceed with the payment.